Dangerous Beauty

Chapter Seven: Kidnapping is Always a Great Idea

Montaigne; spring

Our heroes, upon disposing of their inconvenient Duke-shaped package in the hold, returned to Montaigne on the trail of Guillaime Marlowe, figuring that if anyone could point them in the right direction with the whole “stopping the end of the world” thing, it might be the guy writing plays about a revolution whose muse was a Sidhe.

The plan involved kidnapping, because of course it did. The rationate was that getting Guillaime away from Lady Luiseach was probably for the best, given that she was the taking-parts-of-your-body sort of Sidhe.

The heroes investigated Crieux, where Guillaime’s play was due to open next, and discovered where he was staying. Fabiana proceeded to get a room there. The rest of the plan was apparently to wait until opening night.



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