Dangerous Beauty

Chapter Six: A Plan That Did Not Survive Contact

Montaigne, Spring; Castille, Spring

Upon returning to the ship, Morgan locked Brie and Ailsa in the captain’s cabin, ostensibly to prevent the rest of the crew from realising that there was a Montaigne noblewoman on board who had not been on board previously, and sneaked through the city to the inn where Fabiana was staying. She climbed through the window and woke Fabiana from a dream wherein Fabiana was a cat, waiting to meet somebody important, and explained the situation.

Fabiana was not happy about it, and made that unhappiness known very vocally. She and Morgan decided that the course of action least likely to lead to disaster would be to kidnap Duke Jourdain, reasoning that at least that way he wouldn’t be able to tell anyone that his wife had been abducted, and realised that Fabiana could probably sell him to her relatives, what with Montaigne and Castille being at war and everything.

When everybody was back at the ship, Brie revealed that Jourdain was going to forget about her, and so was everyone who had encountered her in Montaigne, because she was half-Sidhe. This did not sit well with Fabiana. Also not sitting well, but with Ailsa: the notion of selling the Duke, because you can’t sell people. Civilisation is weird, yo.

With Fabiana and Ailsa not speaking to each other (largely because Fabiana refused to come out of her cabin) during the trip to Castille, things were understandably tense, especially when it was discovered that the Duke wasn’t waking up due to Brie’s influence, which unsettled people even more. Upon arrival in Cadiz, Fabiana went to meet her great-uncle, Don Alejandro Sandoval de Soldano del Castillo, and offered to trade him an inconvenient piece of Montaigne cargo that had unfortunately ended up in her ship, somehow. Don Alejandro agreed to a trade (lots of money. Lots of it) and sent a courier to the ship to take the inconvenient cargo off their hands.

Ailsa, unfortunately, complicated matters, informing the courier that if Fabby wanted to sell the Duke, she’d have to come and talk to Ailsa.

On her way back to the ship, Fabiana (and Isabella and Rupert) were waylaid, and Fabiana was carried off by Mysterious People. Joachim, Ailsa, and Morgan were alerted by a highly distressed Rupert dragging Isabella back to the ship, and set off to track down their missing friend, with Brie joining them.

Meanwhile, Fabiana woke in a cellar, tied to an admittedly quite comfy chair, faced with the Vodaccan Prince Giovanni Villanova, whose Fate Witches had, apparently, detected particularly strong and interesting Fate strands coming from Fabiana and the others; Villanova evidently wanted to transfer those Fate strands to himself. This process did not appear to be a survivable one.

The others burst in at this point, and a fight ensued. Villanova was hit with a drachen to keep him out of the way, and when one of the Fate Witches did something to Fabiana that made her feel as though something was being torn out of her chest, Brie stepped in the way, which caused the Fate Witch to scream “It’s too much” and collapse. Because trying to steal the Fate of a half-Sidhe is a fool’s game.

Unfortunately, this also made Brie collapse, and Ailsa appeared to reach the end of her rope; with the Fate Witches unconscious and Villanova likewise, she dispatched everyone still breathing until they were no longer doing that, for reasons. Angry reasons.

And then they burned the place down because being seen as the people who killed Giovanni Villanova is probably not something anybody wants.

Back at the ship, Ailsa appeared to have leveled up in Existential Angst: Civilisation Sucks Edition, and Brie appeared to have lost her Sidhe abilities. Ailsa allowed the Don’s people to take the Duke, and they left a significant amount of money in return.

In summary: lots of money! Also some interesting occult artefacts from Villanova’s Cadiz lair, and the address of his occult library back in Vodacce. And a Secret, because killing a Vodaccan Prince; what could possibly go wrong?



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