Dangerous Beauty

Chapter Four: Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

Eisen, early spring

Our heroes, having passed a weird test that thankfully involved no essay-writing, ventured further into Ussura to talk to Matushka. She was close-lipped about the exact nature of what was going on, reasoning that tiny little mortal brains weren’t really suited for the truth of the universe, but she did inform them that the Veil between the world and the Beyond was weakening, and that that was the reason behind Eisen waking up – and that other countries would be following.

This was agreed to be a bad thing.

She was, however, able to give them some pointers. a) The culprit was someone in the world and probably a sorcerer, and b) it wasn’t so much a matter of stopping the countries waking and more stopping the person doing whatever it was that was causing them to wake in the first place. Everyone agreed that it was probably someone from Montaigne, because the Montaigne are the worst.

Matushka also pointed out that the Living Runes were probably being destabilised, and dealing with that would help stave off the collapse of the Veil. Reasoning that Runes were likely to be in places of great upheaval, the plan was to head to Eisen and deal with the Verschlingen in the hopes that there was a Living Rune there.

Not before they gave Matushka gifts, though, which included Ussuran wine from Fabiana, a regimental eating knife from Joachim, a lock of Morgan’s hair, and a hug from Ailsa. Because Ailsa is the cutest.

Heading to Eisen, Morgan contacted some musketmen and Joachim got in touch with Hannelore Falkenreath’s band of not-merry not-maidens to provide backup, and the party headed to the Undying Swamp.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to ambush a large snake. Fortunately, almost everybody had ranged weapons, and Morgan used some fancy foot- and ropework to tie the Verschlingen’s tail down so it couldn’t smack people around. Between having a group of musketmen shooting (not well), a band of archers shooting (much better), Fabiana shooting, Morgan riding the snake, and Ailsa and Joachim bashing the heck out of it with their ludicrously large swords, they brought the Verschlingen down.

And then they had a bunch of snakeskin to make awesome things out of.



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