Dangerous Beauty

Chapter One: Doing Favours for the Sidhe (What Could Possibly Go Wrong?)

Avalon; early spring

During an annual spring festival in Carleon, the four not-yet-heroes seemed to hear a woman calling to them over the course of three days, always saying “come and help me”. On the afternoon of the third day, they found themselves togetger outside a shack proclaiming itself to belong to a “dreamspeaker”. Upon entering, they were greeted by the Sidhe Luna, who asked them to perform a service for her: rescuing her abducted love from a rival.

Luna’s instructions were to enter a particular museum at midnight that night, the night of the new moon. To avoid the question of lockpicking when nobody in the party had such a skill, Morgan paid a visit to the curator and seduced him in return for a loan of the museum key. Meanwhile, Fabiana convinced Ailsa that she should update her wardrobe; accordingly, Ailsa added a terribly gaudy hat with an enormous feather to her ensemble. It did not go.

Joachim picked up an Avalonian girl looking for a bit of adventure in the bar.

At midnight, the heroes assembled at the museum and proceeded to enter. Exploring the rooms, they discovered several interesting items and proceeded to not steal from probably-another-Sidhe, because they’re actually intelligent. The only thing they actually stole was a young man in an enchanted sleep, whose display was labeled “that which is loved by the unloving”.

Upon leaving that room, a fight ensued with three enchanted guards. The heroes reasoned that as two of the guards were men, it was safer to take all of them to Luna, in case one of them was her lover and not the displayed man. Sidhe are tricksy like that.

(During the fight, Ailsa may have defended Morgan with a shout of “don’t touch my cheese witch”.)

When thry returned to Luna, she paid them with a pouch of silver coins and advised them to seek adventure in Eisen, where, she said, things were waking up.



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